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Best Friend

So I had to say this somewhere, and i guess this is the safest way to say something and know that no one who actually matters to me will read it. the few people that do matter to me who even know of the existence of this blog will probably only see it once, if at all, so it’s all good. if you happen to read this and don’t personally know me, i don’t mean to offend you. i just don’t think we matter in each other’s lives. at least not yet…

anyway. i know i’ve only written about a certain someone until now, but i’m trembling with anger about this, so i need to vent. i just looked through my old posts on formspring and Lauren, i realized that Bill was talking to me for a good bit back last summer…it’s kinda eerie and annoying. and i don’t want to tell you, because i want to leave that whole thing buried. but still. i’m so pissed, i almost punched my laptop. i know that Jesse is my best friend too, but i hate that man. and i only act civilized to him because of his wife and his kids. seriously. he pisses me the hell off.