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So, you and Maura were right. I know you know, but i don’t think you realize how right you guys were. I can’t stop caring. But I also need to try and stop because this is just stupid. I saw you today, so I also texted you, but don’t expect to hear from me again…Because even though that’s me not being apathetic, it’s me getting there. I can’t not care about you yet. Because you’re a few layers deep in my heart. And before I stop caring about you, there are others who I need to stop caring about…This is probably the dumbest thing a person in my situation can do. But even just chatting today made my heart beat faster. And it needs to stop doing that. Soon. And yes, I plan on making it happen. I lied to myself before and made it work. I can do it again.

Let’s see. What else did I need to tell you?? Hmmmm…..I feel like there was something I needed to say…Oh. Wait. I remember! It’s that thing I never mentioned to you…I guess it has to do with the reason i created this blog, so I guess I don’t really need to say it…

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